Business Issue

In 2007, servicing the accounts of Symetra’s  1 million+ customers was time consuming, prone to error and expensive. It required a team of dedicated CSRs to receive and make changes. Their customers were growing weary of having to call in to request changes and waiting days for a change to be made. Additionally, Symetra’s in-house policy system was lacking the functionality to collect vital customer information which could provide valuable business intelligence and insight.

Lastly, with a failed IPO attempt in 2007, Symetra needed to position themselves for growth and one of the areas that needed the most attention was the area of scalable technology.


Notion One developed a client self-service web portal for end users to manage their own policies and profiles. The solution integrated with their in-house policy system, security model and included a new database to capture vital customer information that was not being stored in the existing policy system. It also included several custom illustrators to help end users estimate retirement age and premiums. Along the way, Notion One also consulted with Symetra on their overall IT infrastructure to enable the company to scale effectively. We have enjoyed a long-term successful relationship with Symetra which continues today.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Positioned the organization to scale for substantial growth
  • Reduced overall administrative costs