Business Issue

AAA offers 24-hour roadside assistance, plus travel, insurance and automotive services to more than 56 million members. However, AAA was built through a franchise model and most agencies are independently owned which has presented many technology challenges. The most urgent challenge is to ensure that AAA members receive the same level of care from each franchise – even if they have traveled outside of their agency’s territory. AAA needed a way to share member data between franchises to verify membership and deliver service quickly. Because the franchises are allowed to use their own data systems, the solution needed to be flexible.


Notion One developed a custom integration solution for agencies to share member data securely and quickly with the corporate data repository that complied with strict regulatory requirements.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced administrative costs related to “looking up members”
  • Reduced costs related to inter-agency billing process
  • Reduced compliance risk

Launch Project

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